Get a prescription

If you don't use repeat prescriptions

If you think you may need a prescription medicine, please make an appointment with the doctor. Our practice nurse/nurse practitioner can also issue prescriptions for common ailments. If you have previously been given a prescription for a straightforward condition, such as hay fever, we may be able to issue a prescription after a telephone consultation - please ask the receptionist. Your local pharmacist may be able to give you advice about non-prescription medication.

Repeat prescriptions

We try to make it as convenient as possible for those patients who require repeat prescriptions for their medications. Your doctor will arrange for most regular medications to be available as a 'repeat prescription' - how many 'repeats' will depend on the medication and your health problems. Your repeat medication slip states how many repeats are left, or whether you need to be seen by a Doctor.  Please make a telephone appointment or consultation with a doctor before running out of medication.

How to order a repeat prescription

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in the following ways:

Please allow 4 working days to process your request.

The practice has an agreed formulary of medication that is usually prescribed based on their effectiveness and cost. Non-formulary items are not always stocked and may require ordering which may necessitate some delay

Dispensing from Wellesbourne 

If you live more than one mile from a chemist, your prescriptions can be dispensed from our surgery (unless you tell us otherwise). Unfortunately, if you don't qualify for this service you must take your prescriptions to one of the community pharmacies.

Delivery of Medication

If you use our dispensing service and you find it difficult to collect medication from Wellesbourne surgeries, please call us on 01789 840245 and ask for our dispensary manager (Lucy Jacques) or email, who will be happy to arrange delivery to your home.

If you take your prescriptions elsewhere, please contact your local pharmacy for information about home delivery.

How to obtain Medicines in an emergency

If you urgently require medicine you need to contact your GP surgery immediately. If that is not possible you may be able to get an emergency supply from your local Pharmacy but this is subject to certain conditions:

  • You will usually need to see the Pharmacist face to face and take any information with you about the treatment you are on
  • The Pharmacist must be satisfied about the dose you have been prescribed and agree that you need it immediately

The pharmacist can do an urgent supply of 30 days for most drugs but there are a few drugs where there is an exception.

  • Controlled drugs - only 5 days treatment can be made available
  • Insulin, ointment and cream and inhalers must be smallest dosage available
  • Contraceptive Pill - only one full treatment cycle available
  • Liquid oral antibiotics - smallest quantity to provide a full course of treatment

This is not an NHS funded treatment. It is a private treatment so there may be a charge.

If you require further information look on the NHS choices website